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RentBlue Released

9.21.2005 - Please visit the recently launched RentBlue.com, the web's latest online rental service. Combining traditional real estate listings with cutting edge web technology, RentBlue offers a unique way of finding your next home.


RentBlue, The Web's Portal to Your New Home, is the internet's latest online housing rental service. Built upon the DotNetNuke architecture, RentBlue combines the traditional online real estate system with new features such as integration with Google Maps.

With this feature, you can instantly plot the apartment listings on an interactive map and even see an upclose satellite view of the property and its surrounding location. RentBlue's map feature also allows you to search for listings with an innovative area selection tool, allowing you to draw an area on the map and search for listings within its limits.

Other Products and Services

We provide modules for DNN, the latest open-source portal architecture. Our modules are targeted toward eCommerce sites to make your business grow at a rapid pace. We have a library of useful modules and will also create custom modules to suit your needs.

We also provide custom skins for the DNN architecture. Please visit the services page for more information.

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